Why economy
Claus Haugaard Sørensen Portrait
Now is the time: let’s recapture our joint future! Let’s move - again!

Now is the time: BREXIT – while a regrettable loss – gives us the opportunity to push the accelerator and fulfil our true aspirations for Europe: freedom and tolerance, compassion, solidarity, creativity and initiative. North, south, east, west. Holding hands, freeing up ideas, exchanging art and knowledge, learning from each other, mastering the newest technology, harnessing the artificial intelligence and stimulating start-ups for jobs, while lifting up and protecting our people and sustaining the planet. Europe is now free to re-engage in the wider world, not by clinging to outdated national paradigms, but projecting our social market approach as a beacon for millions across the globe: basic rights, economic opportunity, preservation of health and the environment, equity and peace and security. Speaking as one. Europe, the agent for happiness and tranquility. Leaving the door wide open for our UK friends and young generations to come back in to live the vision. Let’s recapture our joint future! Let’s move – again!