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What we do

In order to develop appropriate actions, one first need to agree where we want to go and why. Working with our knowledge partners, RIE aims to identify key questions and develop rigorous research and analysis on threats to European prosperity and social wellbeing. This includes:

  • Original and collaborative research;
  • Big data and psychometric analytics to better listen and understand the different European perspectives, and;
  • Focus group “stress-testing” of proposals for new strategies for Europe.

Working with our extensive network in the academic, political, commercial and civil society communities, RIE aims to maximise stakeholder participation and the development of creative solutions through:

  • Dialogue facilitation through stakeholder meetings and conferences.
  • Online campaigns and debates to mobilise people with good ideas across Europe to engage and contribute;
  • Capitalising on the rise of transnational digital stakeholder communities to bring new ideas and approaches that reflect the realities of a Europe that exists in a digitised world.


Working with political leaders and policymakers across Europe, RIE aims to carry out:

  • Widespread dissemination of RIE and partner research, analysis and dialogue outcomes;
  • Socialisation of proposals developed by RIE and its partners in key local, national and regional policy-making bodies;
  • Global representation of the output of RIE, its members and partners conversation to support a European approach to economic and social development.

Our Activities

Under the direction of our Media Director, Chief Digital Officer and our Chief Data Scientist, and using cutting edge data analytics and psychometric analysis techniques, RIE will develop original engagement campaigns to reach out to experts and people with ideas to contribute.

Under the direction of our Chief Executive, RIE will organise high-level conference on key topics selected by RIE leadership that contribute our Mission.  These brings together experts from academia, politics, policy makers, industry, NGOs, civil society organisations and will be focused on developing actionable proposals.

Under the direction of our President, RIE will carry out focused advocacy to ensure that the right levels of government and institutions are targeted and engaged in the process and are briefed on the research and proposals developed by RIE and its members.


Re-Imagine Europa will start working on two key questions one for each of the areas below. The exact questions will be confirmed by the Advisory Board during the upcoming meeting and will be published at that date.

Area 1: A Fairer and More Competitive Economic System for Europe
Area 2: Democracy in a Post-Factual Reality