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DEMOCRACY IN A DIGITAL SOCIETY Trust, Evidence and Public Discourse in a Changing Media Environment

The communication ecosystem is central to a well-functioning society and its influence in shaping minds – and thus reality – has been emphasised by its enormous impact on recent events underlining the fact that the control and ownership of the internet will be one of the most important battles of our time.This full day conference aims to address some of the most pressing questions around the impact of digital transformations on democratic institutions in Europe and beyond.

Identity, Communication and Power: European Narratives and Insights from Recent Research – WORKSHOP

Re-Imagine Europa and the Martens Centre for European Studies organised this workshop, co-hosted by MEP Alain Lamassoure, MEP Lambert van Nistelrooij, MEP Maria João Rodrigues and MEP Nils Torvalds ahead of the upcoming European Elections to follow-up on the workshop “European Election and the Impact of Social Media” to focus on “Identity, Communication and Power: European Narratives” and what recent research in psychology, sociology, and neuroscience are revealing about how we construct and relate to narratives.

European Elections and the Impact of Social Media – Workshop

Fake news, alternative facts, post-truth era, circular reporting, echo-chambers, filter bubbles… the number of headlines that pop-up each day on fake-news and the challenges of today’s media environment show how timely this issue is and how pressing it is to come with a systematic, empirical and theoretical approach to deal with the issue of how … Continued